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UrbanCode Java API

I started working with the UrbanCode Rest API after reading a blog post by Lara Ziosi. In her post she walks you through getting started with Apache Wink and has a small code snippet printing out a list of components and

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Writing A Plugin

UCD (UrbanCode Deploy) is designed in such a way that any software that you currently use in your development lifecycle can be supported by writing a plugin. Writing a plugin for UCD is pretty straight forward but it can seem

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IBM UrbanCode Introduction

The UrbanCode Deploy application is doing away with manual deployments, giving the ability to automate deployments to hundreds of servers in multiple environments, and is changing the deployment paradigm. Software is now being pulled through the development pipeline with the

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Avnet Services DevOps Team Blog

Crossing Silos

DevOps only works if you cross boundaries

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Avnet Services DevOps Team Blog