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UrbanCode Java API

I started working with the UrbanCode Rest API after reading a blog post by Lara Ziosi. In her post she walks you through getting started with Apache Wink and has a small code snippet printing out a list of components and

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IBM UrbanCode Products updated to 6.0.1

The 6.0.1 versions of IBM UrbanCode Deploy and IBM UrbanCode Release are available.   As the UC suite is still new within IBM’s portfolio and being brought into line with the rest of the products, these are more substantial “.0.1” releases than

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IBM UrbanCode Deploy LDAP Howto

Integrating tools with LDAP all to frequently turns into a lengthy endeavor marked by misunderstanding and misinformation around something that should be a fundamentally simple exercise.   Some of this is due to common misunderstandings of how LDAP is set

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Conditional Process Flows in IBM UrbanCode Deploy

The IBM UrbanCode Deploy tool has the ability to create robust, automated processes.  One of the fundamental techniques for improving the sophistication of these automated flows within the UrbanCode Deploy tool comes from the ability to use the outcome of a

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Crossing Silos

DevOps only works if you cross boundaries

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