UrbanCode Java API

I started working with the UrbanCode Rest API after reading a blog post by Lara Ziosi. In her post she walks you through getting started with Apache Wink and has a small code snippet printing out a list of components and their versions. Her work inspired me to start breaking the REST API into simpler Java methods. I currently have two classes: ApplicationManager and ComponentManager.

The ApplicationManager has the following methods:

  • createApplication
  • setApplicationName
  • setApplicationDescription
  • getApplicationList
  • getApplicationName
  • getApplicationId
  • getApplicationByName
  • getApplicationById

The ComponentManager has the following methods:

  • createComponent
  • setComponentName
  • setComponentDescription
  • getComponentId
  • getComponentName
  • getComponentByName
  • getComponentById
  • getComponentList
  • getComponentVersions

The ApplicationManager and ComponentManager are early stage classes that are limited to creating, editing, and reading. I am working on other functionality such as adding/removing components to applications and editing processes. The links above point to a PDF file.

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