Exploring the IBM UrbanCode Deploy 6.0.1 Plugin Changes

Plugins are a major piece of the value of the IBM UrbanCode Deploy tool.  They provide a simple way to automate adjacent pieces of the application’s environment in a way that allows you to move users away from direct access to deployment target environments. IBM UrbanCode  Deploy are pretty modular, easy to manage, easy to create, and provide a great way for either the product team or customers to extend the value of the tool. However, as the number of plugins grows, it becomes that much more important to track what is going on with them so that you can identify new integration opportunities and track potential improvements to ones you are already using.

With the advent of the 6.0.1 release, a number of plugins have been added and a number have changed.  Unfortunately, I have yet to see a comprehensive list of what plugins have been added or changed, so I did a little digging and compared the plugins that shipped with 6.0 and those that shipped with 6.0.1.  This initial pass is just a cursory look to see what’s there.

My approach was to do a binary comparison between all of the files even if they had the same name.  That enabled me to verify that the contents had not changed between releases.  It also enabled me to identify files, such as the Remedy plugin, that changed names between releases, but were unchanged at the content level.

If people are interested, I will dig into the next layer of seeing which of the updated plugins have substantive additions, such as new methods or properties, and which appear to just have fixes without obvious operational changes. Please consider this a standing invitation to add your findings in the comments.

Downloadable list: I created a handy PDF if you want to download the summary in a more consumable form.   Available here if you are interested:  IBM_UCD_60_to_601_plugin_comparison

In the meantime, I hope this list will help those upgrading to know what they need to look at and what they can ignore.

New (did not exist in 6.0 but do in 6.0.1)

  • AgentPropertiesCollector-2.455141.zip
  • AnthillSourceConfig-1.455112.zip
  • ClearCaseSourceConfig-1.455167.zip
  • FileSystemSourceConfig-1.455169.zip
  • FileSystemVersionedSourceConfig-1.455159.zip
  • GitSourceConfig-1.455161.zip
  • ibm-ucdeploy-publisher.hpi
  • MavenSourceConfig-1.455170.zip
  • plugin-air-RTC-WorkItems-2.455564.zip
  • RAMSourceConfig-1.455163.zip
  • SubversionSourceConfig-1.455152.zip
  • TFS-SourceConfig-1.455154.zip
  • TFS_SCM-SourceConfig-1.455162.zip
  • uBuildSourceConfig-1.455076.zip
  • web-utilities-1.446294.zip
  • WebSpherePortal-1.452361.zip
  • WindowsFailoverCluster-3.455119.zip

Updated (Changed between 6.0 and 6.0.1)

  • ApplicationDeploymentForWebSphere-68.455164.zip
  • Chef-1.455055.zip
  • FileUtils-31.455052.zip
  • GreenHat-1.455099.zip
  • ibm-ucd-agent-script-package.zip
  • JBoss-6.455062.zip
  • JUnit-1.455144.zip
  • Maven-2.455085.zip
  • MCWASPlugin-3.131121.zip
  • RPM-2.432456.zip
  • RQM-2.455153.zip
  • ServiceNow-8.450859.zip
  • Shell-3.455056.zip
  • SQLCmd-4.455081.zip
  • SQLPlus-6.455179.zip
  • SystemInformation-2.455048.zip
  • Tomcat-4.455075.zip
  • uBuild-4.455175.zip
  • uDeploy-Application-63.455151.zip
  • uDeploy-Component-61.455109.zip
  • uDeploy-Environment-64.455050.zip
  • uDeploy-Resource-64.455077.zip
  • uDeploy-System-61.453415.zip
  • uDeploy-Version-60.455054.zip
  • uDeployConfigManagement-3.455073.zip
  • UrbancodeVFS-18.455070.zip
  • Urbancode_Package_Manager-3.455115.zip
  • WebSphere Liberty-2.455142.zip
  • WindowsSystemTools-13.455110.zip

Removed (Were in 6.0 but not in 6.0.1)

  • Example.zip
  • WebSphereMessageBroker.zip

Unchanged (Showed no difference between 6.0 and 6.0.1 package)

  • Remedy-1.423633.zip   (*renamed, but unchanged)
  • air-worklight-1.423586.zip
  • AmazonEC2-4.423632.zip
  • Ant-2.423681.zip
  • Anthill-7.424532.zip
  • Apache-1.423580.zip
  • DBUpgrader-1.423703.zip
  • DeployTools-5.423702.zip
  • F5-8.423587.zip
  • Groovy-2.423689.zip
  • IIS-AdminScripts-7.424216.zip
  • IIS-AppCmd-2.423623.zip
  • IIS-MSDeploy-1.423639.zip
  • JIRA-3.423640.zip
  • LinuxSystemTools-8.423698.zip
  • Rally-1.0.0_b423612.zip
  • Selenium-3.423652.zip
  • ServiceControlManager-8.423610.zip
  • Sharepoint-4.423644.zip
  • SQL-JDBC-4.423630.zip
  • Subversion-export-2.423664.zip
  • WebSphereMQ-1.423574.zip
  • WebSphereMessageBroker-CMP-6.424588 (1).zip  (*renamed, but unchanged)


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