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UrbanCode Java API

I started working with the UrbanCode Rest API after reading a blog post by Lara Ziosi. In her post she walks you through getting started with Apache Wink and has a small code snippet printing out a list of components and

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Using Amazon EC2 instances with UrbanCode Deploy

The power of Infrastructure as a Service technology is one of the fertilizers helping the DevOps movement bloom.  Since the creation and configuration of infrastructure can be codified, the imperative to version everything ensures that all deploys are consist across

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Exploring the IBM UrbanCode Deploy 6.0.1 Plugin Changes

Plugins are a major piece of the value of the IBM UrbanCode Deploy tool.  They provide a simple way to automate adjacent pieces of the application’s environment in a way that allows you to move users away from direct access

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IBM UrbanCode Products updated to 6.0.1

The 6.0.1 versions of IBM UrbanCode Deploy and IBM UrbanCode Release are available.   As the UC suite is still new within IBM’s portfolio and being brought into line with the rest of the products, these are more substantial “.0.1” releases than

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Avnet Services DevOps Team Blog

Crossing Silos

DevOps only works if you cross boundaries

Avnet Services DevOps

Avnet Services DevOps Team Blog