Plugin Example: 7zip

The plugin for 7zip is a very simple plugin that only contains one step. Looking at the snapshot, we can find the three main files: plugin.xml, upgrade.xml, and info.xml.

7zip file directory

The plugin.xml doesn’t look much different from what we have seen before.The header element with the identifier, description, and tag information all filled out.


The step-type element is also filled out with the expected information. The properties section is filled with information that will be displayed under the process section when working with the individual plugin steps. Notice how each property in the plugin.xml file matches up with the properties in UCD.


Also, note how the information stored in the command elements. The attribute program is using an environment property. The path attribute is pointing to the jar files located in the lib directory.


The extract.groovy is a script that finds the files the user has listed and confirms that they exist and reads them in. Below is a snippet fo the extract.groovy file. It is searcing for files to process. Groovy is syntactally simmilar to Java. For more information on Groovy, click here.


If you are trying to write a plugin for your organization and don’t know where to start I would suggest downloading any of the plugins from the UrbanCode website and examining the files that are contained inside of the zip file.

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