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Welcome to the new blog for the Avnet Services DevOps team.  Our team is focused on helping customers improve their software delivery capability by adopting the DevOps mindset and methodologies, behaviors and tools that support that.  We hope to use this new channel to deliver useful content that helps the broader community benefit from our learnings and experiences as we have benefited from the tools and contributions created by others.

As a disclaimer, we are not marketers, but practitioners, so please bear with us as we hone our skills at using some new (to us) publishing tools to create our content.  We hope to build a useful knowledge base and community around this blog and invite comments and feedback as we go.  We will probably share experiences about that as we go as well ;-).

So, please watch this space and let us know what is interesting, what is working, and what is not.  We look forward to many interesting conversations!

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